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In our new blog, healthcare providers from the region's only academic health system use their expertise to offer tips and advice for how you can lead a longer, better life.

About USA Health Wellness

Articles focus on exercise, nutrition, mental health and overall wellness.

African american prostate risk

What African American men should know about prostate cancer

African American men are more likely than white men to be diagnosed with prostate cancer during their lifetime – a 1-in-7 chance versus a 1-in-8 chance for white men.

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Wellness mindfulness1 2021 06 02 202108 tsau

Finding time for mindfulness

By Robert Israel, M.D., F.A.C.P.

Finally, after a very long and unusual time during which most of us have been under a lot more stress than usual – we are beginning to emerge into some new normal.

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Wellness zucchini1

Fueling your body with fresh foods this summer

By Phyllus Justice, MPH, RDN, CDCES

Whether you’re going to the beach, tanning by the pool or just trying to look and feel your best, it’s important to incorporate fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables into your diet.

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Wellness hydration1

Water as a performance enhancement beverage? Really!

By James Slauterbeck, M.D.

Did you know that the human body is mostly made up of water? In fact, up to 60 percent of our body weight is water. As you can imagine, dehydration decreases athletic performance.

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