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Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Our staff is committed to respecting and protecting the rights of our patients and families. You and your family are considered members of the care team. This information describes what you can expect from us. Download our full Patient Rights and Responsibilities Policy [PDF].

To show respect, we:

  • Explain who we are and our role in your care.
  • Provide care that protects your dignity and personal privacy.
  • Respect cultural diversity, spiritual beliefs, personal practices, values and preferences.
  • Provide privacy for your medical records and related discussions about your care and family information.
  • Knock before entering patients’ rooms.
  • Ask that you respect other patients and USA Health staff.


To support you and your family, we:

  • Have no restrictions, limits or denials based upon age, race; ethnicity; religion; culture; language; physical or mental disability; socioeconomic status; sex; sexual orientation; gender identity or expression or any legally protected classification.
  • Try to notify a family member or the person you name when you are admitted.
  • Welcome family/visitors of your choice.
  • Provide space for someone who you choose to be with you throughout your stay, during exams or procedures.
  • Provide age appropriate care.
  • Only limit or restrict visitors for treatment reasons like infection risk or because of limited space or safety concerns.
  • Provide supportive resources, with access to an interpreter translation service or auxiliary aids, as needed.
  • Take actions to relieve or lessen your pain using medications and/or other comfort measures.
  • Provide safe care in a secure setting free from abuse, neglect or harassment, with access to protective services.
  • Receive restraint and seclusion-free care when not medically necessary.
  • Seek your input and limit communication only when we need to for patient care and safety.
  • Expect visitors and staff to perform routine hand hygiene.
  • Allow you to refuse to speak to or see anyone not officially connected to USA Health.


You have choices about your care:

As a patient/legal guardian you have the right to...

  • Any information you need to make decisions about your care.
  • Know all choices for care, treatment, services, research and the risks and benefits involved or options.
  • Refuse treatment when permitted by law.
  • Ask for a second opinion from another doctor or specialist.
  • Voice desired treatment plans through an advance directive, when applicable, or make your wishes known.


To assist you in being an active partner in your care, we will:

  • Ask you to be involved in your plan of care and discharge planning.
  • Encourage you to ask questions about your care.
  • Ask you to select someone to make health care decisions for you if at some point you are unable to make those care decisions.
  • Explain information in a way you can understand including:
    - your diagnosis
    - your test results
    - outcomes of care
    - unanticipated outcomes of care
  • Provide you with a list of protective and advocacy services, when needed, or offer other community resources.
  • Explain our “Notice of Privacy” which explains your health information rights and how your health information will be used.
  • Provide online access to a price index.


Your responsibilities are to:

  • Share accurate health information including why you came for care, your health history, your medications and any other health-related matters.
  • Ask questions to receive help in planning your care.
  • Be informed and request more information, if needed.
  • Speak up about concerns or complaints or suggestions.
  • Show mutual respect in language and conduct.
  • Meet your financial obligations.


Questions, Comments or Concerns? Contact us!

USA Health University Hospital / Children’s & Women’s Hospital | (251) 410-4706
USA Health Mitchell Cancer Institute | (251) 665-8000
USA Health Physician Enterprise | (251) 434-3939
The Alabama Department of Public Health | (800) 356-9596
KEPRO | (844) 430-9504
The Joint Commission |

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