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Pediatrics. Through her eyes.

Myria Mack-Williams, M.D., is more than just a pediatrician. See what makes her practice different.

Published Jan 24th, 2020

Myria Mack-Williams, M.D., is a pediatrician at USA Health, an assistant professor of pediatrics at USA College of Medicine and an associate program director for the pediatric residency program. But she prefers to keep it simple.

“My patients call me Dr. Mack.”

Pediatrics is a calling she loves, even if it’s often misunderstood.

“In pediatrics the misconception is that we are just giving shots or just treating illnesses like an ear infection, pneumonia, cough and cold,” Mack-Williams says. “But really we work hand in hand with the family.”

It’s an approach that focuses on growth and well-being as much as recovering from an occasional sinus infection. Mack-Williams employs a model of care that ensures that the most vulnerable members of our community are well looked after.

“We really take heed of the biopsychosocial model of treating patients. We deal with the whole child,” Mack-Williams explains. “We’re interested in knowing about their school, their home environment, their activities, and their peer interactions through all stages.”

And what happens when something unusual is discovered? That’s when being a part of an academic health system makes a big difference for multiple reasons.

“Academic medical centers are ones in which we bridge scientific research with current best practices,” states Mack-Williams. “At USA Health, you have the subspecialists, the specialists, and even the mid-level providers, the medical students, the nursing staff, and the residents, who all have a unique perspective and opinion on patient care.”

The result is that her patients are receiving the very best care that can be gleaned from an entire team of healthcare providers working together across multiple disciplines.

Of course, for Dr. Mack, it comes down to the journey.

“As a pediatrician we get to experience the joy of a baby’s birth but not only that; we also get to experience the bliss of the high school graduation and all stages in between. It’s really a gift.”

From the way she approaches pediatrics holistically to the joy she finds in her work, Mack-Williams sees things differently. Which is one of the reasons why we’re transforming medicine.

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