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Pat Buffa Walked Away With Her Life

Pat Buffa Walked Away With Her Life

With her stomach literally in knots, Pat Buffa couldn’t hold down food or liquids. After a quick diagnosis and surgery, she’s back doing what she loves best—power walking.

Published Aug 16th, 2018

Pat Buffa suffered from chronic indigestion and couldn’t keep food down. She couldn’t sleep at night, due to constant nausea. The energy was drained from her body.

"I often start my day walking with my dog,” says Pat, a resident of Pensacola Beach, Fla. “But when I began experiencing severe symptoms of acid reflux and indigestion and couldn’t eat or drink without getting sick, I knew something was very wrong.”

Pat was referred to Dr. William Richards who told her that she had a paraesophageal hiatal hernia and needed immediate surgery.

“I was originally scheduled for surgery in December,” Pat adds. “But at a follow-up visit, they let me know I’d need to go in as soon as possible. My condition could have gone from bad to worse if it hadn’t been remedied quickly.”

During her time in the hospital, Dr. Richards and his staff of nurses and residents, were on call 24 hours a day. They answered questions, addressed concerns and went out of their way to make sure Pat’s stay was as comfortable as possible.

“They were absolutely fabulous,” Pat says with a huge smile. “I mean, look at me, I’m a happy camper!”

Today, she power walks nearly every day. She eats and drinks what she wants. With the exercise and a healthy diet, she has lost 30 pounds. Her story serves as a reminder not to let a prohibitive disease alter the course of your life.

“Anyone with a problem that doesn’t allow them to function in a normal way should do whatever they can to fix it,” she adds. “USA Health was the catalyst that got me back on my feet.”

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