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I’m Singing Again!

I’m Singing Again!

High blood pressure and a low blood count were affecting Konda Carroll’s singing. But after a swift diagnosis and at-home dialysis, she’s hitting the high notes like never before.

Published Aug 29th, 2018

Due to high blood pressure, Konda Carroll of Mobile, Alabama, was having a hard time holding a note while singing. She found herself breathless much of the time. In 2000, Konda’s daughter was born with baby lupus, which she eventually grew out of. But testing indicated Konda also was susceptible to developing lupus. Her doctor advised her to watch her blood pressure. Despite using three medications, she couldn’t keep it down to normal levels.

“At that time, my blood pressure was so high and my blood count so low that my rheumatologist sent me straight to USA Health for dialysis,” Konda says. “It was a life-changing experience.”

She remained positive throughout the ordeal. Singing, which she started at a young age, helps maintain her positive attitude. Because, as she explains, even on sad days, singing lifts the spirit. Even though she self-deprecatingly declares that she’s not a great singer, Konda counts it as a huge part of her life.

“I’ve been in choir since I was just a little girl,” she adds. “My kids sing too. I think it’s important in anyone’s life, as it helps keep you positive.”

Before dialysis, Konda had difficulty controlling her breath while singing. However, today she goes through life without getting short of breath. She feels lucky that she can still work full time because she does at-home dialysis. Many people have to go on disability when they start dialysis, but with the home option offered by USA Health, Konda hasn't miss a beat.

“Anytime you go to a hospital, it can be nerve wracking,” she said. “Dr. Sabrina Bessette knows how to connect with people. She treated me like family. The Lord blessed me to to have Dr. Bessette as my doctor.”

Whether working, singing, hanging out with her husband, or playing with her kids, Konda is in fine form. That's a testament to getting the right diagnosis and treatment, coupled with a positive attitude.

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