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Watch out for unemployment claim scam

If you receive a notification in the mail of an unemployment claim made in your name when you have not filed one, please report it to the state Department of Labor.

Published May 4th, 2021

USA Health wants employees to be on the alert for a scam involving fraudulent state unemployment insurance claims.

The Alabama Department of Labor reports that scammers are using residents’ personal information, including Social Security numbers, to file false unemployment claims. Although the claims are fraudulent, they trigger legitimate letters from the Alabama Department of Labor to the residents being targeted.

“If you receive mail notifying you of a claim in your name when you have not filed one, we urge you to report it to the state Department of Labor,” said Andrea P. Rosler, MSHA, MBA, SPHR, chief human resources officer for USA Health. “We also want employees to know that USA Health has not provided the information used in the fraudulent claim.”

Rosler said it is not clear how scammers are accessing residents’ personal information. “We want people to know that it has nothing to do with their employment at USA Health; nor has the USA employment system been compromised,” she said.

On its website, the Alabama Department of Labor urges residents suspecting a fraudulent unemployment claim to:

  • Watch your credit score for further signs of fraud.
  • Avoid replying to any text message that appears to be sent from the Alabama Department of Labor.
  • Protect your personal information by establishing PINs and passwords that are difficult to replicate – and do not include dates of birth or Social Security numbers. To report a fraudulent unemployment insurance claim, visit

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