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Sickle Cell Care

Sickle Cell Care

At USA Health, we care for adult and pediatric patients with sickle cell disease. Our team offers advanced treatment and ongoing education for sickle cell patients.

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Sickle Cell Care at USA Health

Sickle cell disease is an inherited disorder that causes red blood cells to lose their ability to carry oxygen. While the normal red blood cell is shaped like a smooth and flexible disc, the sickle red blood cell becomes sickle shaped after oxygen is released from its hemoglobin. A sickle-shaped red blood cell is hard and sticky and forms blockages in small blood vessels. These blockages lead to repeated acute and chronic tissue damage, chronic anemia and severe painful episodes.

Pain, infection and lung complications are the more common side effects of sickle cell disease. Complications may include stroke, kidney failure, damage to joints and other debilitating conditions.

The Johnson Haynes, Jr., M.D., Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center provides consultations with primary care physicians throughout the region for the diagnosis, management and treatment of children and adults with sickle cell disease.

Adult Sickle Cell Care

Adult outpatient care for patients with sickle cell disease is held every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at the Mastin Patient Care Center. This clinic is staffed by a team comprised of physicians, nurse practitioners, a registered nurse and a social worker. In-hospital treatment of adult sickle cell patients is provided at University Hospital.

Pediatric Sickle Cell Care

Outpatient care for children and adolescents with sickle cell disease is held every Tuesday at the Strada Patient Care Center. In-hospital services for patients are provided at Children's & Women's Hospital. We also offer a program for the transition from pediatric to adult care. This transitional time can be very difficult for adolescents.

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Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center

The mission of the Johnson Haynes, Jr., M.D., Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center, based out of the Whiddon College of Medicine at the University of South Alabama, is to improve the lives of persons affected by this disease through clinical care, basic and clinical research, and through patient and professional education. Semi-annual newsletters provide updates on the center and its programs.

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Sickle Cell Disease Specialists

Our team of specialists cares for patients of all ages with sickle cell disease.

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USA Health makes requesting an appointment easier than ever. Click below to request an appointment online with a USA Health sickle cell disease specialist.

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As the leading provider of innovative healthcare for Mobile and the Gulf Coast, USA Health offers our patients new, promising experimental therapies through ongoing clinical trials.

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Education and Research

USA Health has a comprehensive biomedical research program that spans a wide range of clinical, basic and translational research. USA Health is committed to the highest standards of academic integrity in all areas of learning and research.

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