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Pediatric Sickle Cell Care

Pediatric Sickle Cell Care

Children with sickle cell disease receive early diagnosis and advanced care from specialists at USA Health.

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Pediatric Sickle Cell Care At USA Health

Sickle cell disease is an inherited blood disorder in which a person’s red blood cells take on crescent shape rather than a circular shape. Sickle cells can die prematurely, leading to anemia, or obstruct proper blood flow through smaller blood vessels, causing pain, joint damage or organ damage. At USA Health, we screen all newborns for sickle cell disease.

The pediatric hematologists at USA Health are experienced with diagnosing and treating sickle cell disease in children. As the only pediatric sickle cell specialists in the region, our team works with families to treat children diagnosed with sickle cell disease. Individualized treatment may include medicine such as antibiotics or pain relievers or surgery in some cases, depending on the type and severity of the diagnosis.

Education and regular blood work continue throughout the patient’s lifetime. We also offer a program for the transition from pediatric to adult care, which can be difficult for adolescents.

Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center

The mission of the Johnson Haynes, Jr., M.D., Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center, based out of the Whiddon College of Medicine at the University of South Alabama, is to improve the lives of persons affected by this disease through clinical care, basic and clinical research, and through patient and professional education. Semi-annual newsletters provide updates on the center and its programs.

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Pediatric Sickle Cell Providers

Meet the team of specialists who provide care to children diagnosed with sickle cell disease.

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If your child has been diagnosed with sickle cell disease, treatment should start with a consultation with one of our pediatric hematologists.

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