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Exterior photo of the Pediatric Emergency Center at USA Health Children's & Women's Hospital

Pediatric Emergency Medicine

The Pediatric Emergency Center at USA Health Children’s & Women’s Hospital is the region’s only healthcare facility dedicated to caring for sick and injured children 24 hours a day, every day.

About Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Uniquely designed for patients ages 18 and under, the Pediatric Emergency Center has achieved 100% compliance with the Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMSC) Program's National Pediatric Readiness Project. The assessment tool empowers emergency departments to improve their capability to provide high-quality care for children, also known as being “pediatric ready.”

Our board-certified pediatric emergency medicine specialists and pediatric nursing staff work together to provide the highest level of care available when every second counts. In recent years, USA Health has recorded about 40,000 patient visits a year to the pediatric emergency department.

The newly expanded center opened in spring 2024 and is nearly 19,000 square feet, more than double the size of the former emergency department. It features 30 treatment areas, including 25 private treatment rooms, two behavioral health rooms, areas for major medical treatment and resuscitation, an isolation area for patients with infectious diseases, and a private space dedicated to the care of pediatric sexual assault patients.

We understand that bringing a child or teenager to the emergency department can be an overwhelming experience. That’s why we focus on offering family-centered care to make sure patients and their caregivers receive the support they need. In addition to our highly trained staff, the following enhancements and services are available:

Sensory Room at the Pediatric Emergency Center

Sensory Room

Our sensory room offers a variety of modalities to create a therapeutic space that promotes sensory stimulation, relaxation, calming, and developmentally appropriate play. This space is strategically designed to support multiple sensory needs while also providing the opportunity for children to develop and enhance effective coping skills. The room can be customized to create an environment that comforts a child best.

Sensory-seeking tools include soothing sound machines, fidget items, LED lights, and weighted gel lap pads. Sensory-avoiding strategies include noise-canceling headphones, sunglasses, dimmed lights, and comfort positioning.

A Child Life Specialist at USA Health Children's & Women's Hospital

Child Life Specialists

Child life specialists are on hand to help minimize patients’ anxieties and normalize the emergency department experience. These specialists are certified by the Association of Child Life Professionals and trained to support the developmental and psychosocial needs of children undergoing medical experiences. They provide services such as procedural preparation and support, education, coping and relaxation techniques, medical play, and sensory experiences.

A Social Worker at USA Health Children's & Women's Hospital

Social Workers

Social workers advocate for children and their families by identifying any needs that result in receiving proper care in our facilities and within the community. Our social workers connect patients and their caregivers with community resources, provide crisis intervention, conduct risk assessments, and collaborate with families along with medical staff to ensure the highest level of care is provided with all concerns properly addressed.

Transport at USA Health Children's & Women's Hospital


Other hospitals in the area transfer their most challenging pediatric medical problems to Children’s & Women’s Hospital for treatment. Critically ill and injured patients may be transported via air medical helicopter, area ambulance service, or through the hospital’s neonatal or pediatric intensive care transport vehicles. These vehicles are specially designed, equipped and staffed for transporting children from neighboring hospitals and areas from as far as 100 miles away.

To coordinate PICU transport, physicians should call 1-866-USA-PICU.

Pediatric Emergency Medicine Providers

The USA Health pediatric emergency medicine team are specially trained to care for children in emergency situations.

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