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Pharmacy Services at Mitchell Cancer Institute

Our pharmacists are here to work with you and your physicians to support you every step of the way in getting the medications you need.

About Mitchell Cancer Institute Pharmacy Services

Why do I need a specialty pharmacy?

A medication is usually classified as specialty based on 2 factors: cost and complexity. Specialty medications usually require special handling and processing and may not be readily available at your local pharmacy. They may also have side effects that require monitoring by one of your MCI Specialty Pharmacists who work directly with your physician.

Patient Welcome Letter [PDF]     Notice of Privacy Practices [PDF] 

Provision of Care Plan [PDF]     Disposal of Medication [PDF] 

Patient Bill of Rights [PDF]     Pharmacy FAQs [PDF] 

Oncology Clinical Resources

Contact the Pharmacy

Phone: 1-833-410-6337 or
Fax: 251-410-4955
Pharmacists are available after hours.

For new prescriptions or refills:

Call: 251-410-6337
Please include your name, date of birth, and prescription number in the body of your email.

Our location:

Our pharmacy is located on the 2nd floor of Mitchell Cancer Institute at 1660 Springhill Ave.
Our business hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Meet Our Team

Our goal is to exceed your customer service expectations, while providing clinical support to both you and your caregivers.

Awards and Recognitions

The Mitchell Cancer Institute Pharmacy is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Health Care and URAC.

ACHC Accreditation Seal
URAC Accreditation 2023





Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Prior Authorization (PA) and is this something that I am responsible for providing?

A prior authorization is often required by your insurance company in order to fill your specialty medication. The MCI Specialty Pharmacy staff will work directly with your insurance company to explain why the medication is needed and obtain any needed authorization.

How do I refill my medications?

MCI Specialty Pharmacy staff will attempt to contact you one week before you run out of your medications. If you run out before we reach you, or if you want to order your refill ahead of time, please call us at 251-410-6337. Please allow up to 5 business days for processing and shipping your medications.

How much will my medications cost?

Your copay amount will vary based on your insurance plan. We will share the cost with you once we have processed your prescription and verified the amount.

What if I cannot afford my medications?

Some patients are eligible for financial assistance through drug companies or grants. Our pharmacy coordinator will perform a comprehensive review of your available options. If you meet criteria for one of these programs she/he will enroll you in the best program for you.

What if my insurance company doesn’t cover the cost of my medication?

Our staff works diligently with your physician and insurance company to obtain the greatest coverage possible for your therapy. If it is denied, your physician will discuss other options with you.

Can I still get access to my medications if I do not have prescription insurance?

Some pharmaceutical companies offer free drug programs. If that is available for you, we will assess your eligibility and help you to enroll.

Does MCI Specialty Pharmacy have access to all specialty medications?

MCI Specialty Pharmacy has access to most specialty medications. In the event we do not have access to your particular medication, we will transfer your prescription to a pharmacy that does and have that pharmacy contact you. We will also make sure that your physician is aware and knows where your medication is coming from.

Will my insurance company let MCI Specialty Pharmacy dispense the medication?

MCI Specialty Pharmacy can dispense for most insurance companies. Occasionally, your insurance company will require the use of another pharmacy. In these instances, we will transfer your prescription and have the new pharmacy contact you. We will also notify your physician.

Will you ever substitute my medication with another medication?

From time to time it is necessary to substitute generic drugs for brand-name drugs. This could happen due to your insurance preferring that a generic be dispensed or to reduce your copay. If your provider requests a substitution in therapy, a member of our staff will contact you to inform you of the substitution.

Will MCI Specialty Pharmacy ever call me?

MCI Specialty Pharmacy will call you to confirm the initial status of your prescription and inform you of your copay amount. At that time we will also set up the initial dispense and schedule your refills.

We may also call you to verify prescription insurance information, obtain documentation of your income to enroll you in a financial assistance program (if necessary), counsel you on the medication, tell you that a prescription has been transferred to another specialty pharmacy, and/or notify you of any FDA recalls of your medication.

When should I contact MCI Pharmacy?

You should contact MCI Pharmacy if:

  • Your address, telephone number, or insurance information has changed.
  • You have questions regarding the status of your prescription.
  • You have concerns regarding how to take your medication.
  • You would like additional information regarding your plan for therapy.
  • You suspect an error in shipping or dispensing has occurred.
  • You suspect the medication has been recalled by the FDA.

You should also contact us with any other questions or concerns. Our staff is happy to assist you with your specialty pharmacy needs, including:

  • Working with another specialty pharmacy to get your medications delivered.
  • Helping you get access to medications during an emergency or disaster.
  • Providing you with tools to manage your therapy (i.e. educational materials, consumer advocacy support).

What should I do if I have an adverse reaction to the medication?

Patients experiencing adverse drug reactions or other problems should contact MCI Specialty Pharmacy or their prescribing physician. You should call 911 and have someone drive you to an emergency room if the reaction appears serious or life-threatening.

Can I return my prescription?

Most prescription medicines cannot be returned to the pharmacy. If you suspect your medication is defective, please call MCI Specialty Pharmacy at 251-410-6337.

Patient Management Program

  • The Patient Management Program is included at no cost to you and you are automatically enrolled as a patient of USA Health Mitchell Cancer Institute. You may opt out at any time.
  • Pharmacists will work with you on any problems, concerns, or questions you may have regarding your medication. Issues discussed include disease overview, medication, dose, dose frequency, interactions, side effects, and coordination of care with your physician when appropriate.
  • USA Health Mitchell Cancer Institute provides patient-specific, evidence-based health information about your condition, diagnosis, and treatment plan. A list of the information sources is available upon request. If available, an employee will provide you with additional educational resources such as websites, counseling groups, and other providers that may be beneficial to you.
  • The potential health benefits of this program include managing side effects, improved overall health, increased disease and medication education and awareness, increased medication compliance and coordination of care with your physician when necessary. Your pharmacist will have all the information needed to help you make informed decisions regarding what is best for you as the patient.
  • The potential limitations of this program are dependent on you as the patient. You must be willing to follow the directions of your physician and pharmacist, be compliant with taking your medication, and willing to discuss the details of your disease, medical history, and current practices with your pharmacist so your provider can have a full understanding of your situation.
  • To contact the Patient Management Program, please call MCI Specialty Pharmacy at 251-410-6337 or 1-833-410-6337.

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