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USA Health first on Gulf Coast to secure the da Vinci SP

USA Health is the first along the Gulf Coast to purchase the da Vinci SP, offering prostate cancer patients access to minimally invasive surgery closer to home.

Published Jul 12th, 2022

USA Health is the first in the region to purchase the da Vinci SP (single port), a robot-assisted surgical system that allows for a single point of entry for many surgeries with the potential for less pain and shorter hospital stays.

Its arrival – scheduled for late summer or early fall – expands USA Health’s growing robotic surgery program, which includes two additional da Vinci robotic systems that offer patients a number of different options for minimally invasive procedures.

The new da Vinci SP is set to be housed at University Hospital and will be used primarily to perform prostatectomies for prostate cancer patients. Christopher Keel, D.O., a urologist at USA Health University Urology, is excited to offer his patients access to this surgery.

“In the past, if my patients wanted access to this surgery, they would either have to travel several hours to another institution or have a different procedure that required additional incisions and more downtime,” he said. “Now, we will be able to treat these patients much closer to home. It is really something to be proud of.”

Keel said the da Vinci SP requires only a single, small incision for its surgical instruments, allowing for greater control and access in narrow spaces. “Many patients will experience less pain and may be able to go home the same day as surgery,” he added.

Utilizing these minimally invasive techniques and technological advancements, USA Health’s skilled surgeons and healthcare professionals are able to treat a vast array of conditions with great precision and accuracy.

Although he will begin using the robot to perform prostatectomies, Keel said the da Vinci SP also offers capabilities for other surgical specialists to perform a wide range of procedures in the future. “The SP is designed to precisely access body tissue, making otherwise complex procedures laparoscopic,” he said. “It has the ability to improve outcomes for many types of cancers including prostate, bladder, kidney, head and neck, or even assist in hysterectomies.”

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