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The process is becoming an industry standard and will make screening more convenient and safe for staff.

Published May 26th, 2020

Prior to reporting to work, employees must answer screening questions online at The QR code for the website is below as well. It is suggested that staff save the website as a favorite to make it easier for use.

After answering the online screening questions, you will receive a green or red result web page. A green result indicates you have passed the screening questions. As you enter the building where you work, just show the green result either on your phone or as a printout to the person at the door and head to work after you pass the temperature screening. If you receive a red result, the web page will direct you to whom you should contact before you are allowed access to the facilities. If you have problems using the website and are not able to electronically attest, please let the screeners know.

This is an initial step. In the coming weeks we will roll out an app in the Android and Apple app stores so employees can use their phones for more convenient screenings. This process is becoming an industry standard and will make things both more convenient and safe for our staff.

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