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One of Us is a series that provides a glimpse into the working world of USA Health, one employee at a time.

Published Jun 22nd, 2021

What’s your job? What does it entail?
Shuttle bus driver/security. It entails being conscientious, safe and having a proactive mindset to provide optimum service to all passengers. Safe boarding and exiting procedures are utilized daily. Crosswalk safety and pedestrian traffic awareness are critical components of this position, as well as observation of various parking areas for adequate protection of personnel and property.

What is your favorite or most rewarding part of your position?
Daily interactions with passengers, and safe arrivals and departures.

What originally made you want to join USA Health?
It was an opportunity to build upon several years of driving, customer service and being a vital part of the team environment.

How long have you been with USA Health?
Since September 14, 2019.

What has working with USA Health taught you?
Daily responsibilities make a tangible difference in the overall operation of USA Health, and that knowledge sharpens the desire to excel in your daily job tasks.

Do you have any goals that you want to achieve in the health system?
I want to continue to provide measurable, positive customer service to enhance operations.

What is your favorite hobby or pastime outside of work?
I am an avid student of historical and current events. I enjoy reading, studying and dissecting projects to achieve satisfactory results.

Do you have any advice for people who want to work in the health system?
Be goal-oriented, encourage fellow team members, and strive daily to achieve and accomplish designated tasks.

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