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How We See It

We’re an academic health system with doctors, advanced care providers, nurses, therapists, researchers, clinical trials, and medical education.

If that sounds like a lot, that’s because we do more than most. When solutions don’t exist, we continually push forward with innovative thinking and collaboration between different professions. And we do all of this to deliver you the absolute best healthcare in this region.

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See What Academic Medicine Means

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We’re teaching both the physicians of tomorrow and the members of our community to prevent disease and live well.


Both you and your physician have access to a network of specialists who, together, are advancing healthcare.

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Our researchers are conducting groundbreaking studies to better understand diseases and provide the foundation for future medical breakthroughs.

Community mission
Community Mission

The scope of our efforts includes elevating the wellbeing of everyone in our region through education and innovative programs.


Cancer. Through her eyes.

Jennifer Young Pierce, M.D., is using a podcast to empower patients. See how that’s helping people.

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Diabetes. Through his eyes.

See why William “Bill” Richards, M.D., thinks bariatric procedures are a way to advance diabetes research.

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Pediatrics. Through her eyes.

Myria Mack-Williams, M.D., is more than just a pediatrician. See what makes her practice different.

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Dementia. Through his eyes.

The cause of post-ICU syndrome is a mystery that Mike Lin, Ph.D., is determined to uncover. See what he’s doing.

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Stroke care. Through her eyes.

Shelia Ross, D.N.P., thinks that getting patients the right stroke treatment more quickly starts in the community.

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Primary care. Through his eyes.

The way Bob Israel, M.D., approaches primary care has his patients looking at health in a whole new way. 

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Trauma. Through his eyes.

Too many victims of violence end up in our trauma center more than once. See what Andrew Haiflich, R.N., M.S.N., and others are doing to change that.

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High risk pregnancy. Through her eyes.

Rene Sprague, R.N., noticed a gap in the care of women facing high-risk pregnancies. See how USA Health changed that.

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