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Mapp Family Campus - Front Rendering

Support New USA Health Facilities in Baldwin County

By signing our petition you can show your support for the Mapp Family Campus.

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USA Health Mapp Family Campus Project Renderings

Our Vision for the USA Health Mapp Family Campus

At USA Health, Transforming Medicine is more than a tagline. It is our promise to change healthcare for the Upper Gulf Coast Region by bringing the expertise of academic healthcare throughout the area. This effort includes a new health campus in Baldwin County. In partnership with the Mapp Family, the USA College of Medicine and local community providers, USA Health is proposing a health center at the intersection of Alabama 181 and Alabama 104 that focuses on each person’s whole being. Modern facilities, including an ambulatory surgical center, estimated at more than 50,000 square feet will house state-of-the-art surgical suites, equipment and extensive imaging technologies on eight acres adorned with trees, walking trails and fountains to focus on the healthy lifestyle we promote.

USA Health will partner with community physicians in Baldwin County to provide general and specialty care from USA Health’s nationally recognized specialists at Children's & Women's Hospital, Mitchell Cancer Institute and University Hospital. Further, these medical professionals will serve on research teams that seek out new and better treatments, preventions and cures for the diseases and conditions that impact so many people. And the goal is to bring all this closer to the people of Baldwin County so that it is accessible, convenient and easy to use.

We can’t make this happen without your support. Alabama requires a Certificate of Need to build or expand healthcare facilities. By signing our petition you can show your support for expanding quality healthcare in Baldwin County.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the campus proposed to be located?

On property donated by the Mapp family, located on the south east corner of Hwy 104 and SR 181.

When would this facility open to the public?

If approved by the State of Alabama we expect the facility to open in 2022.

Why does this need to be approved?

The State of Alabama has what is known as a certificate of need review process. The Certificate of need process is intended to ensure that medical facilities are only built when needed to prevent excess infrastructure which can increase medical cost.

Clearly Baldwin County needs additional healthcare options, who would oppose this?

Despite the designation of Baldwin County as a medically underserved region, two local healthcare operators are opposing the expansion for reasons known only to them. Mobile Infirmary and Bay Eyes Clinic have both filed opposition to this partnership, while announcing their own collaboration on healthcare enterprises.

What kind of medical treatment will be available here?

Plans call for general family medicine and pediatrics be located at the Mapp Family Campus. These primary care areas will be joined by specialists in high-risk obstetrics, neurology, neurosurgery, pediatric gastroenterology, geriatrics, orthopaedic surgery including total knee replacement, and much more.

Will I be able to see specialists from Children's & Women's Hospital, University Hospital and USA's medical teams?

Yes. In addition to some of the best local physicians, our nationally recognized specialists will be providing office hours at this proposed Baldwin County campus.

Will this cost me more or less money?

There will be no additional cost to come here than to any other medical facility but increased competition usually brings better options and can lower cost.

What can I do to help?

You can sign our petition, follow our Facebook page and ask your friends and family to do the same. 

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