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Volunteering at MCI

Volunteering at Mitchell Cancer Institute

Volunteers at MCI have the opportunity to support and encourage our patients, along with their caregivers, as they undergo treatment.

What It Means to Volunteer at Mitchell Cancer Institute

If you have a caring spirit and would like to bring comfort and hope to people affected by cancer, we would like you to consider becoming a part of our USA Health MCI Volunteer Auxiliary. As an auxiliary member you may volunteer as a Chemo Sabe in one of our infusion suites, at the MCI main campus on Springhill Avenue, at our MCI Springhill campus on Memorial Hospital Drive, or at the Mitchell Cancer Institute - Fairhope.

We also have opportunities for volunteering as a HOPE Network Volunteer to reach out into the community and make a difference in the lives of cancer patients, caregivers and neighbors who may be interested in learning more about cancer and ways to prevent the disease or detect it at an early stage. Whether you are a survivor yourself or just a community member interested in health and wellness for your family and neighbors, we would love to talk with you.

Chemo Sabe Volunteer Program

The Chemo Sabe Volunteer Program offers you the opportunity to support and encourage patients and their caregivers while they are undergoing treatments. Our volunteers serve in the infusion suite providing comfort measures for our patients.

This group of dedicated volunteers must be either adults (18 years or older) or college students (16 years or older and enrolled as a student). We ask for an initial commitment of one year unless you are a student. Assignments are for the same day and time each week and are typically for three hours. Chemo Sabe volunteer opportunities are available at all three MCI locations.

Chemo Sabe Adult Volunteers
Program requirements:

  • Complete the online application
  • Health screening, including:
    • A current tuberculosis (Tb) skin test (MCI can administer), or current chest x-ray if you have received BCG vaccination
    • Documentation of an annual flu shot
    • Documentation of a shingles vaccine if you are 60 years of age or older
  • Completion of volunteer orientation

Dress requirements: Pants or jeans in good condition, closed-toe shoes and volunteer aprons (supplied by MCI).

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Chemo Sabe Student Volunteers
Our college student volunteers must be 16 years of age or older and currently enrolled as students at a college or technical school. Student volunteers must complete an interview, which may be conducted by phone if requested. Requirements are the same as adult volunteers but documentation of an annual flu shot may not be required if only volunteering for the summer session.

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For more information about volunteering as a Chemo Sabe at one of our MCI locations, contact Janel Lowman in Mobile at (251) 445-9802 or or Susan Crutchfield in Fairhope at (251) 445-9829 or

HOPE Network Volunteers

HOPE (Health Outreach Prevention Engagement) Network volunteers are specially trained by MCI physicians, researchers and Cancer Control and Prevention (CCP) staff on cancer prevention and early detection. These volunteers, some of whom are cancer survivors, work within their own communities and also represent MCI at community health outreach events such as church health fairs and worksite wellness events. There is no age requirement for becoming a HOPE Network Volunteer. For more information, contact Janel Lowman at (251) 445-9647 or

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MCI Events Volunteers

Throughout the year USA Health holds a number of cancer awareness and fundraising activities. If you or a group with which you are affiliated would like to assist with one of these outreach events please contact Cristin Waite at (251) 341-4085 or

Student service hours can be awarded for participation.

Contact Us

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about volunteering at Mitchell Cancer Institute.

Call us at (251) 445-9829 or email us at the email below.

Susan Crutchfield
Community and Physician Outreach Manager

Clinical Observations

Students who are preparing to enter the medical field can observe members of our clinical staff at MCI. Clinical observations allow students to learn how our cancer center functions internally and also helps them to understand the uniqueness of working with cancer patients. We offer two options for observers:

1) Clinical Observation: Approved applicants observe healthcare professionals who provide care to patients within a clinical setting. Through this experience, the observer sees up-close the day-to-day responsibilities of a health career.

2) Interview: Approved applicants choose a healthcare field or job role outside of the clinic setting that they would like to learn more about and spend a minimum of one day shadowing an MCI employee in that role.

If you are interested in observing or shadowing the clinical staff at USA Health MCI, request an application by emailing

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