Urogynecology is dedicated to the treatment of women with pelvic floor disorders.

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Urogynecology at USA Health

Urogynecology is dedicated to the treatment of women with pelvic floor disorders. Pelvic floor is the term for the set of muscles in the bottom of the pelvis that supports pelvic organs including the bladder and the uterus. Disorders of the pelvic floor include urinary or fecal incontinence, emptying disorders, overactive bladder, pelvic pain, fistulas and prolapse or bulging of the vagina, bladder or uterus.

Our urogynecologic services include:

Incontinence Evaluation
Incontinence is a very common condition. Our specialists use a variety of techniques to evaluate the cause and severity of your incontinence so they can devise a treatment plan that fits you. We also evaluate previous unsuccessful treatments and provide second opinions. We offer both medical and surgical treatment options.

Urodynamic Studies
A urodynamic study evaluates how well the bladder and urethra hold and release urine. This procedure is used to diagnose the causes of conditions such as incontinence, frequent urinary tract infections (UTIs), and problems with urination.

Urogynecology Providers

USA Health offers specialists in every area of urogynecology.

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