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Pediatric Nephrology

Pediatric Nephrology

The experienced pediatric nephrologists affiliated with USA Health in Mobile, Alabama, provide comprehensive care to help children with kidney or urinary tract conditions.

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Pediatric Nephrology At USA Health

Children, like adults, rely on properly functioning kidneys and other parts of the urinary tract to filter waste from their blood. When those organs don’t function properly, patients can face numerous complications. At USA Health, our pediatric nephrology team works diligently to diagnose, treat and manage the various disorders that can affect the kidneys.

Our pediatric nephrologists specialize in treating inherited kidney diseases, chronic kidney disease and kidney stones.

Diagnosis and Treatment

When you turn to one of our pediatric nephrologists for help, after examining your child the doctor may order tests such as a urinalysis, blood work or biopsy. After carefully evaluating test results, our specialists make treatment recommendations that may include blood pressure monitoring, dialysis, medication or other treatment options.

Pediatric Nephrology Providers

Meet the pediatric nephrology team at USA Health.

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If your child experiences bladder, kidney or other urinary tract problems, care begins when you consult with a pediatric nephrologist.

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