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Pediatric Development Medicine

Pediatric Development Medicine

Whether you need an autism specialist in Mobile or treatment for developmental disorders or behavioral issues with your child, our pediatric specialists at USA Health can help.

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Pediatric Developmental Medicine at USA Health

Each child grows and learns at his or her own pace. But healthcare providers look for certain milestones that let us know if we need to be concerned about delays. That’s where developmental medicine can help parents on the Gulf Coast. USA Health specialists work together with parents to provide consultation, evaluation, intervention, medication and therapy to help families manage developmental issues.

Conditions Treated

USA Health developmental medicine pediatric specialists treat patients with the following conditions:

  • Autism spectrum disorders, which reveal themselves in verbal/nonverbal interactions, repetitive behaviors or difficulties in social interaction
  • Cerebral palsy, a disorder that affects movement and is generally caused by a brain injury that occurs just before, during or after birth
  • Developmental delays, meaning a child is not meeting certain developmental milestones
  • Learning problems or learning disabilities, which refer to problems processing information that can affect a child’s ability to learn basic skills
  • Developmental consequences of premature birth and/or prenatal exposures to substances or infections

Under the care of USA Health pediatric development specialists, children may receive medication as well treatment from a combination of the following providers: speech therapist, physical therapist, occupational therapist and psychologist.

Pediatric Developmental Medicine Services

Children under the expert care of one of our pediatric developmental specialists may receive one or more of the following services:

Assistance with Community Resources

Upon completion of an evaluation, our staff assists families in obtaining the appropriate community services.

Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS)

In this evaluation, USA Health specialists observe social skills and communication abilities during a play session.

Speech/Language Evaluation

This test helps our team assess a child’s communication level, which is integral to developmental medicine.

Cognitive Evaluation

This diagnostic test helps our specialists determine each child’s current developmental function level.


Further consultation may occur with affiliated specialists who have expertise in autism-related conditions.

Medical Assessments

These assessments are performed by developmental-behavioral pediatricians in order to evaluate health-related conditions in the child and gain a fuller understanding of the child’s overall health.

Autism Clinic

USA Health offers an Autism Diagnostic Clinic at our Strada Patient Care Center. This practice focuses on improving the lives of children with autism spectrum disorders across the Mississippi, Alabama and Florida Gulf Coast. Our team provides early identification and diagnosis of autism. We are also transforming the way autism is treated, not just by medical professionals, but by the community as a whole. We offer educational outreach to families, physicians, day care centers, churches and other organizations serving children with autism.

Pediatric Developmental and Behavioral Providers

Our team of developmental medicine specialists includes the following providers.

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If you think your child may need the care of a pediatric developmental specialist, start by requesting an appointment.

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