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Mammograms can detect breast cancer in its earliest stages. We offer the most advanced imaging technology and expertise in both screening and diagnostic mammography.

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Mammography at USA Health

Mammography is a technique that uses X-ray technology to detect and diagnose tumors of the breast. There are two different kinds of mammograms: screening and diagnostic. Screening mammograms are used to detect tumors and calcifications that are too small to be felt. During a screening mammogram, a technician will take two or more X-ray pictures of each breast. If you show signs or symptoms of breast cancer, a diagnostic mammogram can be used to get a more detailed picture of the breast. A diagnostic mammogram is immediately evaluated by a radiologist, so you’ll receive your results during your appointment.

3D mammography uses CT technology to take multiple pictures of the breast in thin sections. These images are compiled to create a detailed digital image of the breast. Women with dense breast tissue may benefit from 3D mammography as this technology gives us a clearer and more detailed picture of the breast.

Mammography can detect breast cancer in its earliest stages when it’s most treatable. A yearly screening mammogram is recommended for women 40 and older.

About the USA Health Children's & Women's Hospital Breast Care Center

The Breast Care Center is located in the Strada Patient Care Center, across from USA Health Children's & Women's Hospital.

We continue to give our mammography patients quick, convenient and thorough treatment. We provide our patients with a report from the reading radiologist before the patient leaves. There is no waiting for a phone call hours or days later. If more treatment is needed, we contact your physician promptly with our recommendations.

Our Selenia digital mammography system has the capability to detect breast cancer earlier in more women than the film mammography at many hospitals. Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women, and digital mammography provides an important tool for early detection, which is the best hope for treatment and recovery.

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USA Health offers screening and diagnostic mammograms.

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