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ENT Otolaryngology Surgery

ENT (Otolaryngology) Surgery

Patients who need treatment for conditions of the ear, nose, throat and neck turn to USA Health surgeons in Mobile, Alabama.

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Otolaryngology Surgery at USA Health

Otolaryngology surgery, more commonly known as ENT, addresses problems such as frequent ear infections, deviated septums in the nostrils, tonsillitis, persistent sinus infections or sinus pain, and swallowing disorders. It is actually the oldest medical specialty in the United States. Our specialists also treat life-threatening issues that require their advanced training and years of expertise. Tumors of the head and neck, as well as injuries to the face, necessitate a special level of skills for which our team is trained.

ENT Surgery At A Glance

ENT surgeons, or otolaryngology surgeons, at USA Health can diagnose and surgically treat conditions in the following areas.

Ear Problems

Our surgeons commonly see ear infections. When ear infections keep recurring, there may be a structural issue that needs to be corrected surgically.

Nose Problems

Recurrent sinus infections that cause pain can be successfully corrected with surgery. In addition to sinus infections, we treat patients whose deviated septums cause one of their nostrils to be larger than the other.

Throat Problems

Tonsillitis is another common issue for many of our patients. In addition to performing tonsillectomies for this ailment, our surgical specialists treat individuals with vocal cord disorders and swallowing disorders.

Other Head/Neck Problems

This catch-all category includes tumors in the neck or head that cannot be removed without special surgical care. It also refers to the repair of the face when serious injuries have occurred.

ENT Surgeons

These USA Health surgeons are specialty trained and have extensive experience in otolaryngology surgery.

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If you need surgery for a disease or disorder of your head or neck area, request an appointment to consult with one of our specialists to learn about your options.

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