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Intensive Care Unit

Intensive Care Unit

At USA Health University Hospital, we provide the most extensive care in the region for critically ill patients at our adult intensive care unit (ICU).

Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at University Hospital

Patients who come to the hospital sometimes need an additional level of care that exceeds what they typically receive as an inpatient. When they are critically ill or injured, we may admit them to our adult intensive care unit, or ICU. There, they receive care for organ failure, sepsis, respiratory distress, head injuries and other critical conditions.

Our ICU delivers a higher degree of specialized care, close monitoring and individual attention. ICU team members include physicians, nurses and other clinicians with additional training to work in this environment and often have years of experience caring for critical patients. In addition, our ICU is equipped with healthcare technology and devices not found in a typical inpatient hospital room.

Patients are admitted directly to the ICU from the emergency room in many cases. But they can also be transferred from another floor should they require our critical care services.

Visiting the ICU

For information about the ICU, including visitation policies and available amenities, see our Hours of Operation and Visiting Policies.

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