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Providence Acquisition: COM Basic Medical Sciences FAQ

The University of South Alabama Health Care Authority has entered into an agreement with St. Louis-based Ascension to acquire Providence Hospital and its clinics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we buying Providence Health System?

Acquiring Providence Health System will allow USA Health to enhance our capabilities across our tripartite mission of education, research and clinical care.

With the development of the West Mobile campus and the acquisition of Providence Health System, the Whiddon College of Medicine will become more of a central hub for educational and research opportunities.

The strengthening of USA Health strengthens the University of South Alabama.

When will the acquisition be finalized?

USA Health is working on a timeline to close the transaction in the fall of 2023. Until that time, Providence Health System will still be under the direction of Ascension.

How will this affect researchers at the Whiddon College of Medicine?

We anticipate the acquisition of Providence Health System could provide more opportunities for clinical research to advance medical knowledge and may allow for additional teaching opportunities. We do not anticipate this impacting support given to research and educational opportunities.

FAQs for your community

We know that different communities have their own questions, so we've divided our FAQ into the following sections:

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