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Providence Acquisition: USA Health Staff FAQ

The University of South Alabama Health Care Authority has entered into an agreement with St. Louis-based Ascension to acquire Providence Hospital and its clinics.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the acquisition be finalized?

USA Health is working on a timeline to close the transaction in the fall of 2023. Until that time, Providence Health System will still be under the direction of Ascension.

How did the acquisition come about?

St. Louis-based Ascension made the strategic decision to exit the Mobile marketplace and sought an acquirer for Providence Hospital and its facilities.

In April of 2022, Corporate Ascension contacted the University of South Alabama to acquire Providence Health System. Their decision was based on like missions and culture gained from leadership meetings over the past six years. Mutual trust between Corporate Ascension and the University of South Alabama will leave Providence Health System, the community, region, employees, patients, physicians, providers and supporters in the best possible hands.

How much is USA Health paying to acquire Providence Health System?

The University of South Alabama is acquiring Providence Health System for $85 million.

How will the acquisition affect the community?

Acquiring Providence Health System will allow USA Health to enhance our capabilities across our tripartite mission of education, research and clinical care. Decisions will be made locally to benefit physicians, staff, and community. Jobs across the spectrum will be created, and the profits will be reinvested to benefit USA Health and the region.

Will hospital services be relocated?

We have agreed upon the terms and signed an Asset Purchase Agreement with both USA and Ascension board approval. As we wait for the necessary regulatory approvals, we have engaged Guidehouse consulting firm to aid us in the strategic planning. Michelle Moratti who previously worked at Chartis consulting and led our previous strategic plan will be the lead on the engagement. She has a deep understanding of USA Health, Providence Health System and our regional market.

Why are we buying Providence Health System?

Acquiring Providence Health System will allow USA Health to enhance our capabilities across our tripartite mission of education, research and clinical care.

The acquisition will allow USA Health and Providence Health System together to

  • build upon the reputation for providing healthcare, education and research that transforms medicine in the upper Gulf Coast region.
  • continue to recruit the very best healthcare students, providers and employees to the area, where they will contribute in many ways to their communities.
  • create jobs and opportunities for more people across a wide spectrum to bolster Mobile and the surrounding region.
  • increase educational and research opportunities throughout the entire spectrum of UME, GME, nursing and allied health for the entire university.

The strengthening of USA Health strengthens the University of South Alabama.

Can you tell me what will change in regard to traditions and pastoral care?

USA Health is sensitive to and embraces the beliefs of all people including the Catholic religion. USA Health has a pastoral care program that will incorporate the needs of the Catholic faith.

Does Providence Health System use a different EMR system?

Providence Health System also uses Cerner and Athena.

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