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One of Us: Jennifer A. Jones, R.N.

One of Us is a series that provides a glimpse into the working world of USA Health, one employee at a time.

Published May 4th, 2021

What is your job? What does it entail?
I am a registered nurse on the third floor of University Hospital. I work with medical-surgical patients that primarily have GI problems. I assess my patients, give medications, handle IV therapy and advocate for their needs.

What is your favorite or most rewarding part of your position?
The best part of my job is helping my patients. We can't make everyone feel 100 percent better, but there are small things I can do to make their stay here a little bit better. It's wonderful to see the relief and appreciation on others' faces when there is something that I can do to help.

What originally made you want to join USA Health?
I'm originally from north Alabama and wanted to try something different. I really liked the idea of being so close to the beach.

How long have you been with USA Health?
I will have been with USA Health two years in June.

What has working with USA Health taught you?
I've learned that giving the best care to others requires teamwork and cooperation with all disciplines. I feel fortunate that we work in an educational hospital where open communication is available and encouraged.

Do you have any goals you want to achieve in the health system?
I would like to grow in my experience in nursing and eventually branch out to leadership responsibilities. I am fortunate to have great co-workers to learn from and who challenge me to become a better nurse.

What is your favorite hobby or pastime outside of work?
I love listening to music and reading.

Do you have any advice for those who want to work in the health system?
I would encourage others to always seek out opportunities to grow and learn. Our environment is unique in that it is academic in nature. We can learn from other nurses but also have doctors that are eager to answer any questions we have. There are many resources and tools provided to us, not just for work purposes, but also to promote our personal health and well-being.

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