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USA Health Brand Guidelines

These resources are provided as a courtesy to our employees and members of the media. They may not be altered in any way from the configurations provided here. By downloading any of the provided files, you are agreeing to use them in accordance with the standards outlined in the USA Health Brand Guide [PDF]:

  1. The USA Health Brand
    Introduction... Page 5 
  2. Our Brand Foundation
         Name, Essence, Narrative and Messaging Map... Pages 7-10 
  3. USA Health Brand Identity
         Overall Brand Identity and Elements... Page 12 
         Master Logo, Colors, Usage and Specifications... Pages 13-18 
  4. USA Health Brand Entities
         Overview... Page 20
         Brand Chart... Page 21
         Primary Logos, Colors and Specifications... Pages 22-29 
  5. Branding Elements
         Typography... Page 31
         Photography... Pages 32-33
  6. Marketing Elements
         Business System... Pages 35-41
         Marketing Templates (Presentations, Brochures, Email Signatures, etc.)... Pages 42-54
  7. Addendum: Marketing Recommendations
         Secondary Logos... Pages 56-61
         Tertiary Logos... Pages 62-67
         Tertiary Center Logos... Pages 68-70

These guidelines govern the appropriate use of the USA Health brand messages, logo, colors and typefaces. They explain how to apply these guidelines to print materials, websites, signage, stationery and other materials. If you have additional questions, please contact the Office of Marketing and Communications at (251) 471-7262. Logo files for the University of South Alabama, along with more information, are available at


Photography Tips

In this tutorial, USA Health Photographer Bill Starling offers tips for employees taking photographs. As a reminder, employees are not allowed to take photos of patients without a signed USA Health Consent Form [PDF]. They also should be mindful of not accidentally including patients in the background of photos and of not including whiteboards or computer monitors that may be displaying protected information.

USA Health PowerPoint and Poster Templates

The following templates should be used for official USA Health PowerPoint presentations and official poster presentations for research projects.

USA Health Brand Logos

Below are the logo assets for USA Health. We offer the logos as transparent PNG files and as downloadable archives, which contain the approved logos in various file formats.

USA Health Children's & Women's Hospital

Frederick P. Whiddon College of Medicine at the University of South Alabama

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