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Thakur neurosurgey


People along the Gulf Coast who need a neurosurgeon turn to USA Health. With advanced surgical procedures, we treat brain tumors, spine conditions, epilepsy, tremors and more.

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Comprehensive Neurosurgery For The Gulf Coast Region

At USA Health, our neurosurgeons bring advanced surgical care to both children and adults with neurological issues. We treat conditions ranging from hemorrhagic strokes, epilepsy, hydrocephalus, and other congenital brain and spine malformations in children, to aneurysms, brain tumors, spinal tumors, Parkinson’s disease, tremors and other serious issues in adults.

Our surgeons, who are board certified and fellowship trained, also teach and train other doctors. On the leading edge of neurological medicine, we use conventional surgical techniques proven to produce successful outcomes, as well as novel approaches and advanced technology.

People of all ages with neurological disorders are experiencing positive outcomes due to the advances that USA Health neurosurgeons offer.

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If you have received with a neurological diagnosis, you may want to request a consultation with one of our specialists to ensure that you’re considering all available treatment options.

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Neurosurgery Programs at USA Health

While our neurosurgeons are capable of providing a broad array of surgical services, USA Health offers a special focus in the following neurosurgical areas:


For problems such as a herniated disc or a bulging disc, USA Health neurosurgeons can provide relief through surgery when medical management and physical therapy alone don’t provide adequate pain relief. Possible surgeries include discectomy and lumbar laminotomy to remove the abnormal disc material or spinal fusion that joins two or more vertebrae together.


If you receive a brain tumor diagnosis, our neurosurgeons are specially trained to guide you through your treatment. Whether malignant or benign, our neurosurgeons use the most advanced techniques to remove the tumor. Should it be cancerous, our surgeons work hand in hand with the specialists at Mitchell Cancer Institute to develop an overall treatment plan that gives each patient the opportunity for a positive outcome.

Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS)

Significant advances are taking place in the area of neuro-modulation to regulate chemicals in the brain. USA Health surgeons are helping to fuel these breakthroughs. Deep brain stimulation, or DBS for short, is a technique that enables providers to control abnormal impulses in a patient’s brain by using carefully placed electrodes. People who suffer from Parkinson’s disease or essential tremors are experiencing positive outcomes. In addition, DBS is also being used to treat conditions such as obsessive compulsive disorder.


USA Health has a comprehensive epilepsy program that includes surgical treatment options for the small percentage of epileptics who experience seizures even with a regimen of anti-seizure medication. Several possible procedures may be appropriate, but comprehensive epilepsy care begins with careful and extensive monitoring.


There are special considerations in pediatric neurological diagnoses. Fortunately, USA Health has specialists who focus on neurological conditions in children, including congenital defects, hydrocephalus and other issues.

Neurosurgery Providers

The following providers are part of the experienced neurosurgery team at USA Health.

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