Sports Medicine

For most of us, sports mean enjoying competition - whether it is a team or an individual sport. In addition, the physical and mental benefits of sports and exercise programs are medically recognized and undisputed. An injury may place your sports participation in jeopardy or slow your training schedule. If an injury does occur, you owe yourself the proper treatment and care offered by the sports medicine professionals at the USA Center for Human Performance and Joint Restoration.


Our Goal

The purpose of the USA Sports Medicine Program is to provide a comprehensive approach to the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of sports related injuries. Sound medical expertise, tailored to the specific needs of athletes - from Little Leaguers to Retired Rebounders - is as close as the Sports Medicine Program at the Center for Human Performance and Joint Restoration. The USA Sports Medicine Program is designed to serve the entire community - from the recreational runner to the collegiate or professional athlete.


A Team Effort

Just imagine an injury clinic where both the amateur and the serious athlete can take advantage of state-of-the-art facilities and sports medicine technology. Our expert staff provides you with the benefits of the latest medical training and research as we evaluate your injury, and help you get back in the game. The University of South Alabama Sports Medicine program provides a comprehensive treatment approach for the care and rehabilitation of sports and related injuries, offering a full range of diagnostic and treatment services. Diagnostic services include physical examination by a Sports Medicine-trained orthopaedic physician with appropriate diagnostic and laboratory evaluation. Our rehabilitation and treatment services include a full roster of physical therapy capabilities designed to heal you properly and to prevent further injury. For those injuries requiring surgery, a staff of orthopaedic surgeons formally trained in the most advanced techniques of arthroscopic surgery is available.


The University of South Alabama

The USA Center for Human Performance and Joint Restoration is affiliated with a major university, the University of South Alabama. Athletics are an integral component of the University of South Alabama. A comprehensive sports medicine program is necessary to keep our collegiate athletes in top physical condition. The entire staff at the University of South Alabama Sports Medicine works on a daily basis with athletes from a wide variety of sports and skill levels. Whether it is the Division I College athlete, a recreational runner, an adult softball player recovering from a knee injury or a high-school football player nursing a sprained ankle, each will find the care and services they need. The University of South Alabama is also a major research institution. This means that we are on the cutting edge of tomorrow's medicine. We don't just practice the latest techniques, we help develop them. This gives you the advantage!


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