University of South Alabama

USA Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?

Everyone has flaws -- some minor, some not so minor. But, regardless of how we feel about our inner selves, it's our outer beauty that makes that first impression.

The University of South Alabama Plastic Surgery Center can help reverse the effects of gravity, repair what might have been damaged or give you the new feature you should have been born with. Our expert physician is skilled in disciplines ranging from augmentations to the most complicated reconstructions. And our team will be with you throughout the process, from pre-surgical consultations to post-op recovery, helping you quickly return to your active lifestyle.


Call us at (251) 660-5763 to set up a consultation to address your individual needs or to get any additional information. Before your first appointment, please print and fill out our New Patient Forms [PDF]. Our offices are conveniently located on the Infirmary West campus and allow for discreet entry and exit.

USA Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
3401 Medical Park Drive
Building 1, Suite 100
Mobile, AL 36693


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