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Teen Volunteer ProgramA teen volunteer is anyone who is 14 years old and entering their sophomore year of high school. Teen volunteers provide support to patients, families, and staff in a wide variety of roles. Some assignments have direct patient contact, others are more supportive.  Assignments can include patient units, the hospital gift shop, information desk, pediatric playroom, and in office settings.

*The majority of teen volunteering occurs during the summer. We only accept new teen volunteers during this time.

When: Summer assignments will be same day/same time each week, typically 4 hours. No weekends or evening shifts are available. There may be volunteer opportunities for our summer teen volunteers during the school year. These assignments are made based on volunteer service history and program needs.

Cost: Volunteer uniforms cost $20.

Commitment: Since the summer session is such a short period, we ask all teen volunteers to commit to volunteering every week, with no absences. We understand that summer is a time for family vacations and camps, so if you have something scheduled, please notify the Department of Volunteer Services at the beginning of the summer.

Application: We have reached capacity for teen volunteers for Summer 2014. Thank you for considering us, and we hope you will volunteer with us in Summer 2015.

Please review the FAQ's below. If you have additional questions, we will be happy to answer them. 
Phone: (251) 415-1123

Frequently Asked Questions (Teens)

If I apply, am I automatically accepted?
The teen program continues to grow each year! We try our best to match as many teens with volunteer positions as possible, but due to the high number of applicants, it is not possible to find a match for everyone.  Acceptance is also based on when we received your COMPLETED application.

When should I apply?
Applications for the summer program are available in January on this website. Applications will be accepted until the program deadline (April 2013) unless the program capacity is reached.  Please apply early.

What are the steps to become a Teen Volunteer?
-Download and print the information packet/references
-Complete and Submit the application
-Give the reference forms to 2 people who are not related to you or send them the link below.
-Return the references to the Department of Volunteer Services
-Attend the mandatory Information Session
-Enjoy volunteering and keep your commitment

What are you looking for in a teen volunteer?
Our teen volunteers must be interested and enthusiastic about what they are doing. It is important to be independent and comfortable talking to children and adults. There are many rules regarding infection control, confidentiality, and interacting with children and families—it is important to pay attention to this information and follow these regulations. Hospital staff expects a teen volunteer to follow directions and demonstrate maturity and respect. Remember….volunteering should be YOUR idea!

When would I volunteer?
Our volunteers are given an assignment on the same day and same time each week; for example, Wednesdays 1-4 p.m. Typically, volunteers are here 4 hours each week. The staff relies on volunteers, so if you are going to miss more than 2 weeks in the summer, this may not be the right time to apply.

What are the uniform and dress code requirements to volunteer?
Volunteers are required to purchase and wear a uniform top while volunteering.  In addition to the uniform top, volunteers must wear khaki pants, their name badge and closed-toe shoes.  Artificial nails, visible tattoos and facial piercings are not permitted.



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