University of South Alabama



The Department of Radiology at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama, fulfills it's tri-part mission of education, clinical  care and research, through the outstanding contributions of it 's faculty.

The Department prides itself on cutting edge studies in all modalities of diagnostic and interventional imaging. The Department has established an extensive teleradiology network.Our highly skilled faculty have trained at premier institutions across the United States. A number of faculty members have served or currently serve in national organizations and have produced many original journal publications, reviews and texts.

All faculty participate in the USA College of Medicine's teaching mission and the  ACGME-accredited USA Radiology Residency Program.The Department serves the USA Medical Center, Children's & Women's Hospital, three out-patient centers and the USA Mitchell Cancer Institute. The department also serves the needs of the USA College of Medicine and the College of Allied Health by training medical students and radiologic technology students in it's facilities.





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