University of South Alabama

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1504 Springhill Ave, 5th floor, Suite 5447
Mobile, AL 36604

Hamayun Imran, M.D.
Abdul Hafeez Siddiqui, M.D.
Felicia Wilson, M.D.
Jennifer Williams, N.P.

Our clinic is staffed by three pediatric hematologist/oncologists, three nurses, and two nurse practitioners. Our patients have 24 hour a day access to the physicians by telephone.

Diseases that we typically treat include various types of anemias including sickle cell disease, bleeding disorders such as hemophilia and ITP, and all types of childhood cancers such as leukemias, lymphomas and brain tumors.

Our patients have access to clinical trials through the National Institutes of Health for diseases like sickle cell anemia and through Children's Oncology Group for various cancers. Children's Oncology Group is a nationwide co-operative organization for researching the best treatment options for children with cancer.

Radiation therapy is available at the state of the art Mitchell Cancer Institute. The Mitchell Cancer Institute is located within the premises of USA Children's and Women's Hospital. Some of the procedures performed by our physicians include bone marrow aspiration and biopsy, lumbar puncture with intrathecal chemotherapy, and blood products transfusions.

Most of the cancer chemotherapy is provided inpatient at USA Children's and Women's Hospital, while all transfusions, procedures and certain chemotherapy are performed on an outpatient basis in our special USS Hope, dedicated to making children feel at home while receiving IV therapy. The USS Hope is located inside USA Children's and Women's Hospital. It provides a child-friendly environment with an aquatic theme, including a large comfy recliner for the child to sit in. Children have access to their own personal computer with internet access and cable television, for use during their treatment sessions.

We also have a Hemophilia Treatment Center established at the CRS (Children's Rehabilitation Services) clinic. The clinic provides services to pediatric and adult patients with hemophilia and other rare coagulation disorders such as Von Willibrand Disease etc. The clinic is conducted once every other month and is attended by pediatric hematologist, physical therapist, nutritionist and social worker simultaneously to provide comprehensive care to these patients.

Dr. Felicia Wilson helps a young patient touch the moon.




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