Cancer Research and Clinical Trials

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Message from the Associate Director for Clinical Research

Without question, cancer care has made significant strides over the past decades. However, we still have much work that needs to be done. Every advancement in cancer care and every increase in cure rates are due to new and better treatments that were discovered in clinical trials.

A clinical trial is a research study to evaluate a new drug or treatment. Carefully conducted clinical trials are the fastest and safest way to find treatments for patients suffering from cancer. All of today's standard cancer treatments were first shown to be effective in clinical trials. Better treatments for cancer will be discovered only through the continued support of our patients who participate in clinical trials moving forward.

The Mitchell Cancer Institute (MCI) has a team of physicians and research nurses dedicated to conducting clinical trials. At MCI, clinical research focuses on testing new therapies, optimizing existing treatments, discovering prevention methods and improving the quality of life for both healthy individuals and those living with cancer. As MCI continues to grow and collaborate with other regional cancer centers, the clinical trial department is expanding the depth and breadth of cancer research conducted.

As director, I assure you that the Mitchell Cancer Institute will continue to provide all of those we serve with the most up-to-date treatments and innovative research, while leading the charge to eliminate cancer as a major public health problem.

Rodney P. Rocconi, M.D.
Chief of Gynecologic Oncology Service
Associate Director for Clinical Research
Abraham A. Mitchell Clinical Cancer Research Scholar
Professor of Interdisciplinary Clinical Oncology


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