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USA General Surgery Residency Program

We hope you find this site useful in your query. The Surgical Residency Program at this institution is traditionally known to produce a well rounded, competent general surgeon who will become certified by the American Board of Surgery. With this end in mind, we strive as faculty to produce fully trained, expert clinicians that are well ingrained with the principles and techniques required of a general surgeon.  USA residents work in an environment devoid of fellows so there is direct interaction between our fellowship trained surgical faculty and the residents.  We have implemented active learning in all conferences, surgical skills labs at our simulation center, and have increased our clinical and basic science research activities.

For our residents, our efforts are aimed to establish competence in all phases of patient care, confidence in delivery of that care, and overall professionalism for which, we as faculty, can be proud.


Residency Description

The University of South Alabama, Department of Surgery sponsors a residency in General Surgery leading to the opportunity to become certified by the American Board of Surgery. This five-year program accepts four categorical interns annually who will go on to finish as chief residents after five years of clinical service. The training program is fully accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME). It exposes the Surgical Housestaff to all of the specialties and subspecialties of Surgery.

In order to enhance the educational experience of the residency, rotations at both local Private Institutions and Veterans Affairs Hospitals have been established. We wish to provide sound training in the advanced skills of general surgery for all surgical residents, where they feel confident and are competent in their knowledge and surgical skill sets.

The entire faculty continually strives to incorporate innovative clinical, educational, scientific, and administrative concepts and techniques to improve the educational experience. We want our department to manage educational programs that as faculty we are proud of and committed to. Our aim is to provide a positive and supportive learning climate where individuals, regardless of level, are properly challenged to achieve their maximum potential personally and professionally. Above all, we want satisfaction from the accomplishments of our pupils, as well as the full time and voluntary faculty.



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