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Burn Care

Burn Surgery

USA Health surgeons provide innovative and effective options to patients who need surgery to treat and repair damage caused by burns.

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Burn Surgery At USA Health

Surgery is often required when burns won't heal on their own, particularly with third-degree and deep second-degree burns. Fortunately for patients along the Gulf Coast, some of the most experienced surgeons are using treatment breakthroughs to help burn patients recover right here at USA Health.

To help patients heal and regain their quality of life, our surgeons guide them through the most appropriate surgery and help them develop an enhanced recovery pathway. As soon as patients are medically stable and pain is under control, we discharge them to continue their recovery at home. Sometimes, that can happen the same day as surgery.

Skin Substitutes

If our team determines that a patient’s burns won’t heal without surgery, we use one of the following options instead of recommending a more involved skin graft.


The human body has an amazing power to heal itself. By harvesting skin tissue from donor cadavers, the body’s natural growth factors often take over so that no further surgery is needed to heal the affected area.


Porcine (pig) skin may be an effective option for patients with shallow wounds. This option can promote healing without the need for a graft of skin from the patient’s own body.


For deeper third-degree burns, our team uses the Integra dermal regeneration template. This product contains shark cartilage that serves as artificial collagen. Integra provides better cosmetic outcomes, lessens scarring and improves functional outcomes for increased range of motion.

Skin Graft Surgery

When our specialists determine that skin substitutes won’t give a patient the best chance for an optimal outcome, USA Health burn surgeons may perform skin graft surgery. In this procedure, skin is harvested from another part of the patient’s body and grafted onto the injured area. As with other burn injury treatments, our goal is an enhanced recovery pathway, where patients do almost all of their recovery at home.

Burn Care Providers

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If you or a family member has suffered a burn injury that requires surgery, visit USA Health for an appointment.

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USA Health burn specialists investigate new and experimental treatment options. Find out if we have a clinical trial that might be appropriate for your condition.

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Education and Research

USA Health physicians are teachers and researchers. We are transforming burn medicine, as well as training other doctors to approach burn care differently.

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