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Gary A. Piazza, Ph.D.

Leader of the Drug Discovery Research CenterAbraham A. Mitchell Distinguished Investigator; Professor of Oncologic SciencesSpecialty: Cancer CareEmail Researcher

Research Interests

  • Anticancer activity of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Molecular libraries screening and cellular imaging
  • Phosphodiesterases, cyclic GMP signaling and apoptosis
  • Cancer drug discovery and development


  • Post-Graduate: University of Alabama at Birmingham | Birmingham, AL
  • Fellowship: Fox Chase Cancer Center | Philadelphia, PA and Brown University | Providence, RI

Research Location

USA Health has a comprehensive biomedical research program that spans a wide range of clinical, basic and translational research.​ At the Mitchell Cancer Institute, our physicians and scientific investigators are searching for breakthrough discoveries to improve the lives of cancer patients.

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