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J.D. Byars is Back in the Press Box

J.D. Byars is Back in the Press Box

Transforming JD

JD leads an active lifestyle running marathons, jogging stadium steps, and playing sports with his kids. An injury put a halt to all that, but his doctor knew leading specialists who could help get him back to doing the things he loves.

Published Jan 16th, 2019

As the play-by-play voice of the University of South Alabama Jaguars, J.D. Byars spends much of his time split between the USA football field house and the press box.

Although J.D. and the entire Byars family lead an active lifestyle, he never imaged that he and his two children – Stella and Jake – would all become orthopaedic patients in the same year. J.D. had an injured knee, Stella a broken foot and Jake an injured hand.

According to J.D., he was impressed by the professionalism of the caregivers and the new up-to-date technology at the USA Strada Patient Care Center. “Every single touch point left an impression of care, efficiency and a good attitude,” he said.

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