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19-329 - Benefits of µCor in Ambulatory Decompensated Heart Failure

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Treatment for Heart Failure

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Subjects meeting the inclusion/exclusion criteria will wear the µCor for at least 90 days. During the study, clinic follow up will occur every 30 days. For all subjects, each scheduled clinic visit will include assessment of cardiac symptoms and any relevant clinically actionable events. The subject will be given a daily diary to track symptoms, unplanned hospital visits, medication changes, and all other heart failure related clinical events. Weekly phone calls to the subject will be given throughout the duration of the study to remind the patient to use the subject diary and to collect and record heart failure related clinical events. Subjects will be contacted six months and one year from initial enrollment to assess the vital status of the subject, any heart failure related clinical events since the end of µCor wear, and any health care utilization since the end of µCor wear.


This trial is sponsored by Zoll Medical Corporation.

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