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20-148 - Circulating Tumor DNA Testing in Predicting Treatment for Patients With Stage IIA Colon Cancer After Surgery

Status: open

NRG-GI005 - Phase II/III Study of Circulating tumOr DNA as a Predictive BiomaRker in Adjuvant Chemotherapy in Patients with Stage IIA Colon Cancer (COBRA)

Treatment for Colon Cancer

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This study is being done to find out if testing for ctDNA (circulating tumor DNA) in the blood and offering additional chemotherapy for those who test “positive” is better or worse than the usual approach for early stage colon cancer that has been treated with surgery only. We are also doing this study to see if the ctDNA test can identify patients with colon cancer after surgery who do benefit, and also those who do not benefit, from receiving chemotherapy. The usual approach in this situation for most people with early-stage colon cancer is surgery alone.


This trial is sponsored by NRG Oncology.

Providers Associated With This Trial

Principle Investigator

  • Persing brianView Profile
    Brian E. Persing, M.D.Medical Oncologist and HematologistDivision Director, Medical Oncology; Arlene and Mayer Mitchell Chair of Medical Oncology; Program Director, Medical Oncology Fellowship; Assistant Professor of Medical Oncology
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