18-456 - A Clinical Evaluation of an Esterified Hyaluronic Acid Matrix in Burn Patients for STSG

Status: open

A clinical evaluation of an esterified hyaluronic acid matrix on preparing wounds in burn patients for split-thickness skin grafting

Treatment for Burns

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Burn patients meeting inclusion criteria will receive the esterified hyaluronic acid matrix as the primary matrix to manage their wound, in conjunction with the standard of care for managing these types of wounds. The study will be divided into two phases. Phase I will entail intervention with the wound matrix and will continue until one of the following occur, sufficient granulation has occurred and the patient can receive a STSG, the patient's physician determines an STSG is no longer necessary or 42 days of use with the wound matrix occur. Phase II will begin following the STSG procedure. In this phase, the wound will be monitored and proportion of STSG take will be evaluated but no application of the wound matrix device will take place. This phase will continue for 28 days or if the physician deems the patient no longer needs regular care to monitor the wound, whichever occurs earlier

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