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19-249 - Benign Liver Optimal Core Study (Tissue Acquisition Comparison in Benign Liver Disease)

Status: open

B.L.O.C.S. (BLOCS - Benign Liver Optimal Core Study) Comparison of 2 techniques using EUS guided Liver biopsies via 19g CORE biopsy needle to Obtain Optimal Core Liver Biopsies in Benign Disease

Technique comparison for liver biopsy

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The primary purpose of this prospective, randomized, multicenter study is to evaluate and compare the amount and quality of tissue samples yielded in a liver biopsy comparing 2 different techniques of EUS guided CORE liver biopsy for benign disease. The two techniques: "modified Wet suction" and "Slow pull" technique of collecting tissue from a liver biopsy via Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS).

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