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The Review of Systems is the College of Medicine yearbook. It is produced and published annually by the COM student body. It is a professional publication with a major archival orientation. It details all four years, basic sciences and clinicals. All COM events are included such as Halloween Social, Christmas Party, and Asclepian Ball. Each senior editor makes the yearbook their own by adding in sections that are special to the senior class.

Class 2017 Yearbook Advertisement Letter & Ad Form

Class 2017 Letter to Parents & Ad Form

Schrubbe Hannah.JPG

M4 Class of 2017 Editor: Hannah Schrubbe

Huynh Viet.JPG

M4 Class of 2017 Editor: Viet Huynh

M3 - Class 2018 Editors:
Kyle Duncan
Lauren Nelson

M2- Class 2019 Editors:
Hala Al-Safarjalani
K. Mariah Sankey

M1 - Class 2020 Editors:
Anu Pandit 
Kristin Sheehan 

Advisers: Connie Land & Karen Braswell

For more information about the Review of Systems contact Connie Land 251-460-7851

Susan P. LeDoux, Ph.D.
Associate Dean, Medical Education & Student Affairs



For more information, please contact Ms. Karen Braswell, at 251-471-7145.

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