MCI's Clinical Trials Staff

Our Team of Clinical Trials professionals are available to provide any information or answer any questions to assist you in learning more about whether a clinical trial is the right choice.


Wendy Blount, RN, MSN
Clinical Trials Division
(251) 445-9834

Joanie Broemmelsiek, RN, BSN
Research Nurse 
(251) 445-9866

Pamela Francisco, CCRP
Clinical Research Specialist/Study Coordinator
(251) 445-9870

Tammy Mitchem-Welch, RN, BSN
Research Nurse
(251) 445-9649

Jennie Berry, RN, MSN
Research Nurse 
(251) 445-8427

Csierra Payne, RN, MSN
Research Nurse 
(251) 445-9618

Letoya Craig, CCRC
Clinical Research Specialist
(251) 445-3275

Daisy Escobar
Clinical Research Specialist
(251) 445-4932

Katie Ollis
Clinical Trials Regulatory Specialist
(251) 445-3276

Grant Turner, BSN
Billing Specialist
(251) 445-3295

Layne Bailey
Data Manager
(251) 445-8420

Claudia McCalla
Data Manager



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