Weight Loss Success Stories



We are so proud of our patients' successes. Here are some of their weight loss surgery testimonials. 

"I'm diving again!"

Lance Lemcool, Daphne, Ala.


Lance: Within the last 10 years I had continually gained weight, and I became very unhappy. I had a problem that I couldn't fix by myself. Dr. Richards and his staff at USA know everything there is to know about gastric surgery. They took away all the unknowns. Before I had gastric surgery I was able to dive, but it took so much weight to get me down. It was cumbersome and exhausting to get in the water so I quit doing it. Now I feel like I'm on top of the world. Dr. Richards and his staff changed my life.

"My lifestyle has changed completely."

Kitsy Bridges, Mobile, Ala., Lost 110 pounds, Had surgery in January 2012


Kitsy: All my life I've been overweight. I tried weight loss programs but always gained the weight back. This time when I decided to lose weight it was more for my health than it was for vanity reasons. My blood pressure was elevating, my cholesterol was high, and I was suffering from arthritis. My weight was out of control. I had bariatric surgery in January 2012. I lost 110 pounds in eight months and have maintained my weight for a year. Since bariatric surgery, my lifestyle has changed completely. Now, I am cooking for my health, and I'm much happier.

"I felt better about myself automatically."

Tina Kressler, Foley, Ala., Lost 75 pounds, Had surgery in March 2012


Tina: Prior to having weight loss surgery at USA Medical Center, I was a diabetic and had to take eight to nine insulin shots every day. My primary care doctor in Pensacola told me that my kidneys were failing because of diabetes complications and that I most likely would be on dialysis for the rest of my life. My illness prevented me from doing the things I enjoyed – camping and bike riding with my family. I hardly left the house. Since the surgery, I am off insulin and no longer have kidney problems. Now, I look forward to waking up each day and spending quality time with my family.

"I feel beautiful."

Sandra A. Pickens, Mobile, Ala., Lost 68 pounds, Had surgery in April 2011


Sandra: I just felt physically exhausted all the time and out of breath when walking. After the surgery, it has been a big adjustment because I realized I cannot eat the way I used to eat. Mentally, I had to change. I will no longer let food conquer me. At this point, I can walk that two miles without breathing hard. I feel that I can do anything. I feel beautiful.

"The health benefits are huge."

Karen Doehring, Mobile, Ala., Lost 80 pounds, Had surgery in May 2011


Karen: Before the surgery, any kind of task was just extremely taxing. Your body has to work so much harder. Now, I have so much more energy. It totally changes your outlook on life. Believe it or not, it's simple things, like fitting into a booth in a restaurant and not having to say, 'Oooo...I have to push this table away'. Also, you don't feel like you stick out in a crowd because you're bigger than everybody else. The good part about South's bariatric program is that from the beginning to end, they explain every step to you. You're not in the dark about anything. They give you a complete explanation about what's going to happen."

"The procedure prolonged my life."

Angelia York, Mobile, Ala., Lost 85 pounds


Angelia: Now, I can do marvelous things. My health problems limited me. I had diabetic problems, and I couldn't walk long distances. My diabetes started affecting my kidneys and my health was going downhill. Since I've had the surgery, my kidneys function normally. I am grateful for the procedure because it's prolonged my life. This was what I needed to be healthy again.

"I did it for my kids."

Jennifer Harris, Mobile Ala., Lost 80 pounds


Jennifer: I have been overweight most of my life. I have always struggled. In November of 2009, I weighed 230 pounds. At that point, I knew it was time for a change. I had been to the doctor too much, and I was taking so much medication for high blood pressure and acid reflux. Since my weight loss surgery in July 2010, I'm healthier than I've ever been. I've lost 80 pounds and I feel great. I wish I'd had the procedure much sooner.

"Definitely the best thing I've ever done."

Tiffinie Brockner, Daphne, Ala., Lost 170+ Pounds.


Tiffinie: My Neighbor was my inspiration.My neighbor, Julie, had weight loss surgery after her twins were born and the when I saw that her surgery was so successful, I knew what I had to do. At first, I was apprehensive of weight loss surgery, but with Julie's advice, I had bypass surgery February, 2010. Within nine months I had lost 122 pounds, and I lost even more!Today, I'm focused on building strength and getting healthy. My diet has changed completely, and I've joined the gym. Prior to the surgery I had hypertension. Since the surgery, my blood pressure is down, and I'm taking fewer medications. I feel great and have tons of energy that I need to play with my seven-year-old and chase my toddler. Having the surgery was definitely the best thing I've ever done.




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