High Throughput Screening Core Laboratory 

Provides researchers with state-of-the-art instrumentation and consultation in assay development for Drug Discovery. The core system utilizes a Bechmak/Coulter Industrial Robotic Integrated System (IRIS) automated platform for high throughput screening of chemical libraries. Integrated devices include a Motoman six-axis robotic arm, BioMek FXp hybrid dual arm automated liquid handler, BioTek EL406 microplater washer/dispenser, Molecular Devices Paradim multimode microplate reader for endpoint and kinetic detection in absorbance, fluorescent intensity, fluorescent polarization, luminescence , and AlphaScreen-based assays. Also integrated is a Molecular Devices ImageXpress Ultra laser point scanning confocal high throughput imager capable of rapid high-resolution fluorescent microscopic assays. This system enables fully automated testing of hundreds of thousands of compounds and is staffed by a dedicated and experienced core manager.


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