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4-D Ultrasound

Now housed at the center is the market's newest 4-D Ultrasound. This setup that allows a 'peek', as if looking into a window of a pregnant woman's womb, at her unborn baby. Elements of expressions and personality can be witnessed as the baby smiles or even grabs his big toe to pull to his mouth, but even more importantly, potential problems can be identified for early intervention.

Bone Density

The non-invasive Bone Densitometer is also available for a full body scan and measurement of bone density (without even removing your clothes) to detect calcium level needs and risk for osteoporosis. Our New GE Densitometer is available Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The new bone densitometer has many advantages. The device uses digital imaging and scans both men and women, and also scans children five years of age and up. It offers quicker detection of bone loss (40% faster than other similar systems).

It can transfer and chart results from older machines, and offers safer, extremely low radiation. A patient can receive a full body scan in just three minutes. Complete vertebral and body fat composition assessments can be made with the densitometer.


The Mammogram suite is conveniently located next door at Children's and Women's Hospital.


Most laboratory tests can be done in our office.


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