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January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

You may not know someone who has had cervical cancer but more women in the U.S. are treated for pre-cancer of the cervix than for breast cancer every single year.  Unfortunately, Alabama’s rates of cervical cancer are one of the highest in the country and a third of women diagnosed with cervical caner will die of their disease.

To raise awareness, we're asking everyone to wear the colors teal or teal and white on Friday, January 12. Learn more about cervical cancer prevention through our GO Teal & White campaign during January. That's GO for Gynecologic Oncology, and Teal & White as the colors of cervical cancer awareness.


Questions about cervical cancer and HPV

What is cervical cancer? 

What is HPV?  

What is the HPV vaccine? 

What are the current cervical cancer screening guidelines? 


Our recommendations for preventing cervical cancer:

• GO get a PAP test (women ages 21-64 every three to five years*)

• GO get an HPV test (starting at age 30 as recommended**)

• Follow up on abnormal screening results

• Vaccinate adolescents ages 11-12 or up to age 26 against HPV


To schedule a screening test, contact the USA Center for Women's Health at (251) 415-1496.

To schedule an appointment for your child's vaccinations, contact USA General Pediatrics at (251) 410-5437.


*Women ages 21-29 should get a PAP test every three years.

*Women ages 30-64 should get a PAP test and HPV test every five years or pap alone every three years. If any of your tests are abnormal, you may need to be tested more often. Women ages 65 and older may no longer need to be screened for cervical cancer. Talk with your doctor about what's right for you.



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