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Surgery Interest Group

The purpose of the Surgery Interest Group is to develop & expand the USACOM medical students' knowledge in the field of General Surgery and other surgical subspecialties, via lectures and skills workshops.

Surgery Interest Group Upcoming Events

Background Plans for this year include monthly meetings, skills workshops, and attendance at the American College of Surgeons Clinical Congress. Meetings will generally be held the third Tuesday of each month in the Mastin building and will host a number of speakers from the USA Department of Surgery. Multiple specialties will be represented and will offer students the opportunity to meet faculty members in an area of interest and learn more about the specialty. Prospective specialties to be covered this year include:

 Cardiovascular/Thoracic  Trauma
 Neuro  Plastic
 Endocrine  Burn
 ENT  Ophtamology
 General  Oncology
 Colorectal  Bariatric

Skills Workshops  Skills workshops will be held in the simulation lab at the USA medical center each semester. These labs will be staffed by the department of surgery, and will offer students the opportunity to learn basic skills that will be helpful while on their surgery clerkship. These labs will also be of great review for third and fourth year students seeking a residency position in surgery.

ACS Membership The American College of Surgeons offers membership to medical students for a fee of $20, which is good for all four years of medical school. Membership requires a letter from the surgery department on your behalf, so after filling out your application please email SIG President Tiara Murphy at

To apply, see the ACS membership website at:



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