Areas of Hope You Can Support

MCI relies on the generosity of donors to keep clinical and research programs thriving. Here are some of the programs you can support that make a real difference in the lives of those afflicted with cancer.

MCI Fund for Excellence
The MCI Fund for Excellence provides critical unrestricted funding for areas of highest priority, including research, patient care and services, physician and scientist training, and community outreach.

Program Support
You may choose to designate your gift to a specific purpose such as patient-focused, educational or prevention programs. Examples include the MCI Snack Fund, My Care notebooks, the Chemo Sabe Fund and patient assistance funds, such as the Ethelyn B. Hays Endowment and the Rotary Club of Mobile - Sunrise Patient and Family Resource Center Endowment.

Private funding provides seed money to fund our innovative research programs. You may designate your gift to a disease-specific area of research or specific area of focus.

Examples of Disease-Specific Research Areas:
Bone Cancer
Breast Cancer
Gynecologic Oncology
Lung Cancer
Pancreatic Cancer
Pediatric Oncology

Examples of Specific Areas of Focus:
Drug Discovery
Flow Cytometry

Community Events
Several community events are planned throughout the year to celebrate our survivors and to support cancer research. Learn more about these these events and how the money raised through our fundraising events support the Mitchell Cancer Institute or visit our calendar of events to see when an event is scheduled to take place.

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