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Student Leaders and Interest Groups


Medical Student Interest Group Calendar of Events Link

Email all of your Medical Student Interest Group Events for the above calendar to:Frank Lucas

Student Organization Leaders

AV Student Techs at Campus
COM Class Officers
Community & Volunteer Service
Honor Council
Intramural Coordinators
Review of Systems-Yearbook
SGA Representatives
Social Chairs
Student Assembly


Student Interest Groups and Organizations

AAMC - Organization of Student Representatives - OSR
American Medical Association Medical Student Section - AMA-MSS
American Medical Student Association - AMSA
American Medical Women's Association - AMWA
Anesthesiology Interest Group - AIG
Dermatology Interest Group - DIG
Emergency Medicine Interest Group - EMIG
Family Medicine Interest Group - FMIG
Internal Medicine Interest Group - IMIG
Medical Spanish Interest Group - MSIG
Neurology Interest Group - SIGN
Ob/Gyn Interest Group - ObGynIG
Ophthalmology Interest Group - OIG
Orthopedic Surgery Interest Group - OSIG
Pathology Medicine Interest Group - SPA
Pediatrics Interest Group - PIG
Preventive Medicine Interest Group - PMIG
Psychiatry Interest Group - PsychSIGN
Radiology Interest Group - RIG
Student National Medical Association - SNMA
Students for a National Health Program -SNaHP
Surgery Interest Group - SIG
Wilderness Medical Society - WMS 


Medicine and Society Groups

Aid to Impaired Medical Students - AIMS
Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society - AOA
Christian Medical Ministry of South Alabama - CMMSA
Gay-Straight Alliance - GSA
Gold Humanism Honor Society - GHHS
Student-Run Free Clinic - 15 Place 


Susan P. LeDoux, Ph.D.
Associate Dean, Medical Education & Student Affairs



For more information, please contact Ms. Karen Braswell, at 251-471-7145.


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